The Joy of Learning Something New

The Joy of Learning Something New

The joy of learning something new…….. No matter how skilled or experienced we are, there is always something new to learn.

The Creative Grids 6” Scrap Crazy templates are on sale this month for 20% off.

Pick up a set [here] and join me on a new adventure.

True confession: I tend to avoid any pattern with bias seams. Triangles are ok but I sew through a square and then cut/trim. Crazy blocks are something I would fly past without looking back.

But I’m telling you….. These are easy to work with and most important, my blocks are as even and consistent as any other blocks. These are the practice blocks I made:

Quilting Blocks


Next time I’ll show progress on a table runner pattern from “Crazy for More”, using my new favorite templates.

Sew Sincerely, Mary


Available for purchase at Buffalo Creek Quilting:

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