"Crazy for More" Book

"Crazy for More" Book

The Creative Grids 6” Scrap Crazy templates are on sale this month for 20% off. Pick up a set [here] and join me on a new adventure.

Scrap Crazy 6 quilting template

This fun little project is from the “Crazy for More” book.

Crazy for More quilting project

It uses all four of the templates and the blocks are put together just as you see it. Three crazy pinwheel blocks and two borders.

Crazy for more quilting template blocks 

I took my time with the cuttng and figured out the best way for me to cut all sides and the pesky little corners without doing a Houdini act with my ruler and cutter.

I traced each template on fabric and then turned it to fit into a rectangle that I could measure and cut. Icut the rectangles, positioned them all facing up and then cut the shapes. Here are the measurements for each:

quilting template

  • Shape B = 3” x 9-1/2”

  • Shape C = 4-1/2” x 8-1/2”

  • Shape D = 2-1/5” x 5”

  • Shape A = 4-1/2” x WOF (A unilateral triangle that is the same all ways.)

Be sure to carefully cut the corners on each shape. They fit together so much better. Using a small cutting mat or a rotating mat makes this much easier.

quilting and cutting fabric

The more I use these templates, the more ideas I have to use them. More fun to come—

Sew sincerely,


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